Net Zero Construction Specialists

Rockland, Maine


Why build net-zero? Let us explain.

    • In short our Net Zero buildings, are designed and built to create all the energy needed with Photo Voltaic grid tied solar systems, for all heat, hot water and power usage.
    • There is no better security than knowing that your home is freed from the erratic and ever increasingly expensive oil, gas, and electric markets.
    • NET ZERO is the epitome of fixed cost living, add an electric car and electric lawn mower in your garage, and few more solar panels, and you are completely free of the Oil industry for all of your daily housing, maintenance, and transportation needs.
    • Net Zero PV Solar Systems are hooked to the power grid so no battery banks are needed and brown outs typical with off grid systems are eliminated. Off Grid and Hybrid solar systems are available.
    • Back up Power (Generator Free) is an available option when choosing and sizing your grid tied solar array. Solar Systems can be installed with inverters and small battery banks to supply back up power and heat, during times that the electrical grid is down. These battery banks can be sized to provide between 2 hours to 72+ hours of heat and electricity, .
    • In America Buildings use an estimated 76% of the available electric supply and globally they are responsible for 48% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. If every new building were built to Zero Energy standards imagine the global financial and environmental impact Net Zero Homes can have.
    • If you are considering building a new home, do your research. These are not new ideas, Passive Houses gained popularity in Europe 35+ years ago, and are mainstream there today. In fact in the next few years an entire German City will become the first to be entirely “Net Zero”. The only thing that can’t be afforded is not to incorporate “Zero Energy” from the start, when building a new house.

“If we keep on with business as usual, the Earth will be warmed more every year; drought and floods will be endemic; many more cities, provinces, and whole nations will be submerged beneath the waves — unless heroic worldwide engineering countermeasures are taken. In the longer run, still more dire consequences may follow, including the collapse of the West Antarctic ice sheet, and the inundation of almost all the coastal cities on the planet.” -Carl Sagan.