Net Zero Construction Specialists

Rockland, Maine


Cliff and Sandy Retzlaff

“Cliff and I can’t say enough good things about the Black Brothers.  From start to finish the Black Brothers went the extra mile for us.  Their craftsmanship is excellent and attention to detail reminds us of old world standards.  With the help of our Architect, Chris Glass, we made a very
average ranch home on a million dollar lot look like a quintessential Maine Estate.

The Black Brothers made it happen.

We highly recommend the Black Brothers. Our home is living proof that their
reputation far exceeds the expectations of other builders.

We hope you will chose the Black Brothers.  We are very happy we did.”

Lori Frazier

It seems to be so obvious that this is the way to build houses, and the Black Brothers were the first in the area to understand that.  Their early involvement in these kind of projects, their natural curiosity and intelligence, and boundless energy, all add up to my view that they are the very best of the very best to choose as builders.  On top of that, they share a commitment and passion with us for new and smarter technologies, and are eager to share that knowledge – with us as customers, and/or with kids at the high school to educate them about new ways of doing things.

All of the Black Brothers teams – subcontractors and primary workers – have been top notch and we have been impressed by the quality of work by all of them.  When things have come up that required problem solving, the creativity and resourcefulness has been impressive, and I have full faith that if anything went wrong, they would find a way to make it right….I would welcome the opportunity to do business with them again.”

Tim Carey

“After taking over the family homestead that had seen little updating and remodeling for decades it was discovered that there was a lot of deterioration and moisture damage. The house was truly “unhealthy” and needed to be rehabilitated. I interviewed several contractors and finally settled with the Black Brothers Builders. The crew of tradesmen that worked on the project were knowledgeable,conscientious and professional. The products they recommended were afford ably priced and energy efficient with long-lasting durability. The Black family has been a local mainstay for several decades. Their friendly and neighborly demeanor made a difficult project run smoothly. I would recommend this company to anyone with either a new construction project  or a renovation.”

-Tim Carey – Whole house gut and remodel.

Kaye Cousens

It was 40 years after my husband left Rockland when we found we rather suddenly needed to expand a nice little cape where his mother was living. Not knowing any carpenters in the area we contacted an High School friend of Dave’s, with out quandary he recommended Black Brothers. What an amazing gift he gave us. Black Brothers are unsurpassed in there ability to create, implement, and anticipate just what we wanted. Because we were not able to be “on site” consumers, a great deal was left for them to make decisions on. With there own high standards and the telephone, they created a masterpiece! We had talked and I had a piece of graft paper and they took it from there.

At one point they suggested a beautiful ellipse window to go over the double hung windows on the gable end. When the price of it astounded Black Brothers, they call immediately and said if we still wanted it they would just charge us their cost. It is gorgeous! All the Blacks quickly became our first real “friends” on our adventure to the North. Simply put, you can’t do any better than this company….they are amazing!

Bethel Saler

The Black Brothers are exceptional builders and contractors–truly heads and shoulders better than any other contractors that my sister, my parents and I have ever worked with in the past (and collectively, we’ve had lots of experiences with contractors). They offer beautiful, skilled workmanship and attention to detail, combined with integrity, generosity and openness to whatever style and kind of project (big and small) that you want done. On a site visit, the architect of my green cottage came up with an alternative idea for the stairway than what he had conceived of initially. The problem was that the stairs were already framed according to his earlier specifications. To his total amazement and admiration, Brenan Black loved the idea and told him they’d rip it up and put the new idea in place (without charging for it). My architect told me that was truly a first. He had never worked with builders so dedicated to quality and vision of a project and so open to all kinds of new ideas and invention. His Portland-based firm continues to work with the Black Brothers to build innovative, net-zero houses. The Black Brothers are at the cutting edge of green building and of all kinds of other styles, but most important to me, they work with you and you can trust them entirely—that is the rarest of commodities.