Net Zero Construction Specialists

Rockland, Maine


Now comes the issue of cost, because all this is great but the average person cannot afford it, right? WRONG!!!  The cost for an average size, basic level finish and design Net Zero home, starts at: $200 per square foot with installed rooftop solar PV.  From there upgraded finishes and more complex design features are available at additional cost per square foot. Included in the base costs are: installed high efficiency solar, integrated heating/cooling/ventilation systems, air seal to passive house levels, super insulation, associated site work and concrete work, and basic level interior and exterior finishes. As you can see we are close to competitors costs for standard inferior “code compliant” construction.

We offer free estimates for all projects, so please contact us today and we will provide a detailed proposal tailored to your specific project needs. We often provide multiple rounds of pricing for projects, as a value engineering strategy to exactly match wants and needs to budget.  It is often in this process that trade offs are made in design and finish (but, rarely in performance level) to bring the project in at the target budget. We have found this process eliminates what we refer to as “designing an un-buildable project”. There is nothing worse than spending all the time, effort, and money needed to come up with a dream design only to find out later it is way over your allocated construction budget to actually build it.

A deep energy Net Zero or Passive House retrofit on an existing home can range anywhere from 1/2 to 2 times the cost of building a new net zero, and is most often not cost-effective due to the extremely long payback period. The thing buyers really can’t afford is not to consider high performance “Net Zero” or “Passive House” construction from the start when they are undertaking a new residential or commercial project. 

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