Camden High School “Green Week”

Camden High School “Green Week”

On Friday, April the 12th Black Bros. Collaborated with the The “Windplanners” and the Science Department of Camden Hills Regional High School’s “Green Week”. We were on campus to show the various methods and materials use to create “Net Zero” or “Zero Energy” green buildings.

Upon arrival at the school one’s eyes are drawn to the Wind Turbine just behind the building, and the large solar array on the front roof. This is likely a glimpse at the school of the future, Camden High is truly a perfect backdrop for “Green Week”.

The students were very inquisitive about the process and engaged in discussion with Brenan about Zero Energy and Net Zeros. The majority of students knew of the possibility to build a sustainable home, but most where under the impression that it costs a lot of money. They were all pleasantly surprised when we informed them that the costs are actually very close to the cost of standard construction, usually with in 10%. Also on hand; a battery and human power bicycle and its builder, and a “Worm Farm” bio-composting system and its builder. The Students and teachers a like looked all the technologies over well.

CHRS “Green Week” was a success and we look forward to collaborating with the CHRH Windplanners and Science Dept. on their Green endeavors in the future.

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