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Rockland, Maine


Custom Stick Built – Timber Frame – Modular

We are Maine’s Premier Net Zero & Passive House Construction Specialists!

At Black Bros. Builders, Inc., we pride ourselves on being able to provide nearly any type of home construction and earthwork services that you could need, in house by our employees. We are the leader in Green Construction in Maine and have completed more Net Zero homes than any other contractor in the State. We are truly Maine’s premier Net-Zero Construction Specialists. We are determined to build beautiful, high-performance buildings that are comfortable to live in, not a burden to operate, and long lasting at all finish and cost levels. It is very important to us to offer high-performance starter level homes, to make efficient and sustainable living available to all.  In this spirit we provide high performance homes of all construction types including; custom stick built, timber frame, and modular net zero lines.

We’re conveniently located in Rockland, ME, and regularly serve the surrounding area. However, we have worked in all coastal areas of Maine, and at times in other States upon request. We offer free estimates, unparalleled warranties, and are fully insured.

What defines us from other builders is our expertise in home performance, being Maine’s premier Net Zero Construction Specialists? Whether you want a “little green”, “net zero” or the full blown “passive house” we can provide you with proven performance and pricing information for various options of building a little or a lot of green into your new home.

See the recent quote below from the owners of the “Breakwater Zero” in Rockland, a 2011 build:

“Wow. I just finished compiling some initial data for the last 11 months. Our total electric bill has been $267.00 or around avg $25/month.” – S.B. (owner “Breakwater”)

$25/month for All Heating, Hot Water, Air Conditioning, and Domestic Electric use!

THIS HOUSE IS VIRTUALLY SUSTAINING IT SELF! With no sacrifice to size, design, style, air quality, or comfort and built at an AFFORDABLE COST!

The Breakwater has a 4KW solar array with micro-inverters, to which new panels can be easily added. So with another panel or 2 the house will balance out at “Net Zero.” All of our most recent builds have had 6KW arrays and are “Net Zero or Net Plus.” The additional power not used by the house from the solar, will be used for future accessory structures (Barns/Studios) and to charge electric cars for FREE!

When you look closely at the “green construction features” most builders offer (including, but by far not limited to all the largest builders in the country) and compare to our homes the difference is quickly apparent. More often than not these companies offer energy star appliances, engineered wood products (consisting mainly of o.s.b. plywood and I-joists), low-e windows, slightly higher efficiency than base unit gas furnaces, and zoned heating systems. While all these options sound good, most are either minimum code required or simply “standard accepted” construction techniques, products, and mechanical systems.  Our high performance, low demand homes and individually sized solar systems provide ALL electricity, heat, and air conditioning needed in the home annually. It seems to us the only “green” most of our competitors are talking about, is the additional money they are charging for standard code compliant construction. There is little enhanced performance being offered in the standard construction market, and sadly most new homes built today are archaic  when compared with the benchmarks of “Net Zero” or “Passive House.”  The main problem is once the smoke and mirrors fade most builders quite frankly don’t know where to start to offer truly sustainably built and run green homes.

Please take a moment to browse through our site to learn more about our company and what we can do for you. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.


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